Интервью с Юрием Носуленко, спортсменом параолимпийцем (Interview with Yuri Nosulenko, Paralympic Athlete)

Yuri Nosulenko at London Paralympics
Yuri Nosulenko
Yuri Nosulenko is a highly successful Russian Paralympic athlete from Belgorod, who took part in Bejing Paralympics (he was the fourth) and London Paralympics (he was the sixth) and a lot of other world class competitions, for example, he won a gold and a silver medals in the 2011 World Cup in Athletics in Manchester.
Let's find out more about this talented and persistent man.


Olga:   Please tell us about yourself and people who motivated you  to reach such great results in your sports career?

Yuri: I began to go in for athletics in 2004 when I was at school. My  school teacher Kosin Vladimir Yevgenievich adviced me to try myself in this kind of sport. And I started to train under the guidance of  Kramarovskaya Tatyana Valentinovna and Vdovenkov Vladimir Mihaylovich. They are the most important people in my sports career. And of course my parents and my friends helped me a lot to succeed and  gave me necessary moral support even when  they were far away.

Yuri Nosulenko near London Bridge during London Olympics
Yuri Nosulenko near London Bridge 
Olga:   How much did you have to train for Olympics?

Yuri:    I began to get ready for London Paralympics in the beginning of 2011 and it took me from 2 to 6 hours a day.

Olga:   How serious were your rivals?

Yuri:  I knew almost all my rivals long before London Paralympics - I met them in different competitions but the most important thing is not the rival himself but how well he is prepared for a definite start.

Olga:   Did you like the organisation of the London Papalympics and the opening and closing ceremonies of this great event?

Yuri: Everything was organised perfectly but especially I like the work of volunteers who were very attentive and friendly to sportsmen and coaches. Although I was upset over the number of Russian fans who were at the Paralympics - according to my observations no more than 100 people. In general, they were the members of the Olympic committee, sportsmen and coaches.  I haven't seen the opening ceremony because I had to train for the competitions, but I watched the closing ceremony - it was a fantastic show. I was happy to see so many famous people tooking part in it.

Yuri near Big Ben
Near Big Ben
Olga:   Did you have the time to go sightseeing?

Yuri:   My time,of course, was limited but I visited some of the famous London attractions: the London Bridge, the Tower Bridge and the London Eye.

 Olga:  What are your plans for the future?

Yuri:  I don't want to tell a lot about my plans, but I can say that I will take part in Russian Champiomship in Athletics in February 2013 and try to do my best to win.

Olga:  Do you know English enough to communicate well during your trips abroad?

Yuri:  No, I'm sorry to say this, but I don't know English well. When I was at school I thought that it was not important, though later, when I had to communicate with foreigners, even my modest school vocabulary helped me a lot. When you visit an english-speaking country you enlarge your vocabulary through live communication, though now I understand  that I know not enough.When I returned home from London I decided to study English  because during my trip there were some situations where even a couple of English words could make the communication with foreigners much more interesting and useful. And now I am trying to find a good teacher to improve my  English.

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