Читаем по-английски со Школой Монстров. (Reading Practice with Monster High)

Эту статью я написала для того, чтобы научить двух девчонок бегло читать по-английски, а ведь проще всего это сделать при помощи персонажей и сюжетов интересных обучающимся. А интересуются наши дети сейчас все чаще монстрами, вампирами и оборотнями, поэтому не удивительно, что Monster High (Школа Монстров) так популярна. Monster High  - это линия кукол известной компании Mattel (создателя супер популярной куклы Барби, Брац и многих других продуктов). Кроме серии кукол появился целый ряд сопутствующих товаров - мультфильмы, песни, книги, одежда и т.д., ставшие невероятно востребованными на рынке детских товаров. Лично у меня к этим куклам-монстрам отношение неоднозначное, но девчонкам она нравится, а отличное качество и своеобразный юмор трудно не оценить. Этот текст для чтения подойдет для 1-2 года обучения английскому языку. В конце статьи есть небольшая презентация.

Основные персонажи сериала и их описание (отличный пример легкого чтения)

Frankie Stein is Frankenstei's daugher. She is fifteen days old and she behaves like a little girl.She is clumsy, polite, shy, kind, and a good friend to have and be around. Frankie has black and white hair.
Her body is held together by stitches and has neck bolts. She is considered the new ghoul in school and happy to make friends.Her pet is Watzit.

Clawdeen Wolf - Clawdeen is the daughter of a werewolf and has an older brother named Clawd Wolf, 2 younger sisters named Clawdia and Howleen Wolf.But she has many other brothers and sisters.She is 15 years old and is covered with fur, with two piercings in each of her pointed wolf ears. Her pet is a tiny black cat named

Draculaura is Dracula's daughter.She is 1599 years old and she is 1600 in the catoon "Sweet".She has a pet bat named Count Fabulous.She has a boyfriend Clawd Wolf who is the brother of her best friend, Clawdeen.Draculaura is not like her father, she doesn't drink blood, she is a vegan and is scared to say the word "blood".She has got big fangs and her skin is pale pink.

Cleo de Nile  is the 5,842 year old daughter of The Mummy and has an older sister named Nefera who is 5,844 two years older than Cleo and a father named Ramses de Nile. She has a pet snake named Hissette.She is Deuce Gorgon's girlfriend.She is a self-centered beauty but also a good friend.

Deuce Gorgon  is the 16-year-old son of Medusa. His family can turn anything to stone. He likes cooking, but he keeps it a secret from other students. He is the captain of the casketball team and loves skateboarding. Deuce is friendly, outgoing and with many friends. He is dating Cleo de Nile. He wears sunglasses to prevent him from turning other people to stone.He has green snakes on his head for hair.

Lagoona Blue  is the 15 year old daughter of the Creature from the Black Lagoon. She can talk to water animals. She is also a lovable and sporty ghoul who has many friends around Monster High. Her skin dries out very easily and she has to use lots of moisturizer. Her pet is Neptuna, a Pirahna. She is the girlfriend of Gillington "Gil" Webber.

Ghoulia Yelps  is the daughter of zombie. At age 16 (in monster years), she is said to be the 'smartest ghoul in school', but she can only speak in moans and groans (or 'Zombie'). Sometimes she acts like a servant for Cleo de Nile, but she is a friend now. She is dating "Slow-Moe" Deadovitch.

Spectra Vondergeist is a daughter of a ghost.

Nefera de Nile is the older sister of Cleo (by two years) and daughter of the mummy. She works for a modeling company.

Meowlody and Purrsephone are twin daughters of a werecat.

Abbey Bominable is a daughter of the yeti, an exchange student from the Himalayas. She loves Snowborading.

Operetta is a daughter of The Phantom of the Opera. She loves music.

Gigi Grant is a daughter of a genie.

А сейчас выполните этот тест и узнайте насколько хорошо вы знаете персонажей Школы монстров:

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