Types of crimes in GIFs for ESL students

One of the core topics for IELTS is crime and justice. It is a tricky area as there are a lot of words that need to be learnt. So what you will find here is not just a list of crime words but a selection of funny GIFs, definitions of different types of crimes with example sentences (translated into Russian because my blog is created mainly for Russian learners of English).

I want to notice that there aren't images here related to cruel crimes (for example murder, manslaughter, assassination and so on) for obvious reasons. For other types of crimes I simply couldn't find appropriate pictures.

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Crime - any illegal action or activity. (преступление)
Car theft is a crime (even if it is your owner's car)! - Угон автомобиля - это преступление (даже если это автомобиль хозяина)!

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Burglary – the crime of stealing from a building. (кража со взломом)
There is a serious rise in the number of burglaries committed in the area. - Наблюдается значительный рост краж со взломом в этом районе.

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Fraud - the crime of cheating somebody in order to get money or goods illegally. (мошенничество)

He was charged with credit card fraud. - Его обвинили в мошенничестве.

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Kidnapping the crime of taking somebody away illegally and keeping them as a prisoner, especially in order to get money or something else for returning them. (похищение человека с целью получения выкупа)
Kidnapping is a serious crime. Похищение человека - это серьезное преступление.

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Mugging – an act of attacking someone and stealing their money. (уличное ограбление)
Murders, kidnaps and muggings are reported daily in the newspapers. - Убийства, похищения людей и ограбления на улицах освещаются ежедневно в газетах.

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Pickpocketing – the act of stealing things out of pockets or bags secretly. (карманная кража)
Pickpocketing is a widespread crime, especially at the train stations and public transport. - Карманные кражи - широко распространенное преступление, особенно на вокзалах и в общественном транспорте.

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Shoplifting  – taking something from a shop without paying for it. (кража в магазине)
She was convicted of shoplifting. - Ее обвинили в краже из магазина.

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Smuggling - the crime of taking, sending or bringing goods secretly and illegally into or out of a country (контрабанда)
They have been charged with cigarette smuggling. - Их обвинили в контрабанде сигарет.

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Theft  -  a crime of stealing something from a person or place. (кража)
The best anty-theft device is a monkey. - Лучшее противоугонное средство - это обезьяна.
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