Официальное видео Олимпиады 2012 в Лондоне 'Sport at Heart' (Official London 2012 Olympics Video 'Sport at Heart')

The Olympics are starting soon. It is one of the biggest sporting events on the planet, with 26 sports, 10,500 athletes and millions of spectators. London has hosted the Olympics in two occations already, in 1908 and  in 1948. The London Olympic Stadium is in Stratford, London, Great Britain. More details about the London Olympics you can read here.
     "Sport at Heart" is an award-winning video featuring David Beckham, Amir Khan, Dame Kelly Holmes and Sir Roger Moore; set London on the road to success.

     You may also like a presentation about Russian paralympic athlete Yury Nosulenko who represents Russia in London Olympics 2012. And of course watching videos is a very effective way of learning English. On this blog you can watch BBC documentaries,amazing films about amimals and humans,  BBC comedies - most hits, funny English videos that definitely make you laugh, youth soap opera Extra with a lot of funny episodes and subtitles.

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