Детские стихотворения о животных на английском языке (Poems for kids about animals)

Продолжаю серию статей о детских стихотворениях на английском, познакомиться со всеми вы можете с помощью страницы карта сайта.

My Best Friend Is My Dog.                            

My best friend is white and brown,                          
He barks to get up, he barks to get down.
His tongue is long and very pink,
It hangs out when he wants a drink.

My best friend sleeps on my bed.
He pants and growls and licks my head.
Mum gets angry when he leaves hairs,
On my pillow and on the stairs.

My Best friend cannot talk,
But he loves his daily walk,
He sniffs at trees and grass and slugs,
He chases butterflies and bugs

My best friend has a wet nose,
He hates being washed with the hose,
Daddy chases him round the place,
Me and Mum laugh at his face.
My best friend is not a cat,
He is not a horse, and he’s not a rat,
He is not a bird and not a frog,
My best friend is my dog!

A Little Squirrel                                               

There was a little squirrel.
He ran up a tree.
When he turned around
He threw a nut at me

The Elephant.

This is the elephant’s tail so thin,  
Tail so thin, tail so thin,
This is the elephant’s tail so thin,
Swish, swish, swish.                                                                    

These are the elephant’s feet so huge,                      

Feet so huge, feet so huge,
These are the elephant’s feet so huge,
Stomp, stomp, stomp.

This is the elephant’s nose so long,
Nose so long, nose so long,
This is the elephant’s nose so long,
Blow, blow, blow.

These are the animals all around,
All around, all around,
These are the animals all around,
Run, run, run!

The Cat Song                                                             

I see a cat.
The cat sees me.
I like the cats.
The cats like me.
Big black cats.
One, two, three.
I like the cats
and the cats like me.


Big paws,                                              
Big black nose,
Stubby tail,
And growl he goes.

What is he?
Well, who knows?
He sleeps all winter
When it snows.


Behold the pig!                                                    
It’s very big!
Its color pink
Is nice, I think!
Its tail’s a beaut,
So curly cute!
And on the farm,
It oinks with charm!

Meish Goldish


I know a bird                                                                    
That cannot fly:
Penguin is its name.
It cannot fly,
But it can swim
With speed that wins it fame!

I know a bird
That lives on ice
And waddles by the sea.
It looks so cute
In its black-and-white suit,
As handsome as can be!

Meish Goldish

Five Little Fishes

Five little fishes swimming in a pool.                    
The first one said,
The pool is cool.
The second one said,
The pool is deep.
The third one said,
I want to sleep.
The fourth one said,
Let’s dive and dip.
The fifth one said.
I spy a ship.
The boat comes, and a line goes kerplash.
Away the five little fishies dash!

The Lion Roars With a Fearful Sound

The lion roars with a fearful sound,                                                          
Roar, roar, roar!
The lion creeps, its prey to catch,
Creep, creep, creep!
The lion pounces with a mighty leap,
Leap, leap, leap!
The lion eats with a crunching sound,
Crunch, crunch, crunch!
The lion sleeps with a gentle snore,
Snore, snore, snore!

Mabel Segun

If you should meet a crocodile.

If you should meet a crocodile                        
Don’t take a stick and poke him;
Ignore the welcome in his smile,
Be careful not to stroke him.
For as he sleeps upon the Nile,
He thinner gets and thinner;
And whene’er you meet a crocodile
He’s ready for his dinner.

Christine F Fletcher

Tommy Turtle   

Tommy Turtle, look at you go.                      
Tommy Turtle, you are so slow.
But when danger come, you’ll stay well,
By pulling your body into your shell.

I Have a Little Frog
I have a little frog
His name is Tiny Tim,
I put him in the bathtub,
To see if he could swim,
He drank up all the water,
And gobbled up the soap!
And when he tried to talk
He had a BUBBLE in his throat!

Tiger Poem.

I see a tiger in the jungle                              
and his eyes are shining bright.
I see a tiger in the jungle
and his teeth are big and white.
I see a tiger in the jungle
and he’s running fast and free.
I see a tiger in the jungle
and he is going to eat. . .

Joy Acey

I’m a Little Zebra. 
I’m a little zebra,
White and black,
Big bushy mane
Riding down my back.
I like to gallop
And run and play
Out on the African plains all day.

I’m A Little Honeybee

I’m a little honeybee                                              
Yellow and black
See me gather
Pollen on my back
What the queen bee tells me
I must do
So I can make sweet honey for you!


Zoo, zoo, who’s in the zoo?
Zoo, zoo, who’s in the zoo?
Zoo, zoo, who’s in the zoo?
Who’s in the zoo to visit?

Monkeys swinging on a tree,
Sheep and lions grazing free,
Tall giraffes, a sight to see!
All in the zoo to visit.

Deer with antlers on their head,
Hippos waiting to be fed,
Peacocks with their feaathers spread,
All in the zoo to visit.

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