Remember and test "right" idioms

There is a big list of idioms with the word "right" and  not all of them are incuded in this post. Here you can find a definition of some idioms with the word "right", an example of usage, a Russian translation  and a quiz.

the right way round - correct for a particular situation or thing, or for a particular person (правильно, верно, в правильном положении)
Are you sure you've got that on the right way round? - Ты уверен, что получил это правильно?

by rights -  if things are done as they should be (по справедливости, по правилам)
By rights, we should split the profits among the three of us. - По справедливости, мы должны разделить прибыль между нами тремя.

it serves someone right (for doing something) - used for saying that you think someone deserves something unpleasant that happens to them (получить по заслугам) 
It serves you right! - Ты получил по заслугам! 
It serves him right! - Так ему и надо!

be in the right - to be morally or legally correct in what you do or believe (быть правым)
Naturally, both parties think they are in the right. - Естественно обе стороны думают, что они правы.

right under very nose - if something happens right under somebody’s nose, they do not notice it even though it is not being done secretly (прямо перед носом, под самым носом)
The police didn't know the drugs ring was operating right under their noses. - Полиция не знала, что наркосиндикат орудовал прямо у них под носом.

as right as rain - in excellent health or condition (в полном здравии, полном порядке)
A few days in bed and you’ll be as right as rain. - Несколько дней в постели и ты будешь в полном порядке.

make (all) the right noises - to seem to be enthusiastic about something (проявлять энтузиазм).
I think she liked my presentation. She certainly made all the right noises. - Я думаю ей понравилась моя презентация. Она проявила такой энтузиазм.

 right on time - arriving at the correct time and not late (точно в срок)
The train was right on time. - Поезд пришел точно в срок.

be (act) within one's rights
acting legally in one's own interest (быть вправе, действовать по праву) 
I know I am within my rights when I make this request.- Я знаю, что я вправе требовать этого.

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